Ac Circuit Breaker

New 10ka Circuit Breaker
New 10ka Circuit Breaker
New 10ka Circuit Breaker
New 10ka Circuit Breaker
New 10ka Circuit Breaker

New 10ka Circuit Breaker

●Protect circuits from overcurrent.

●Overload protection and short-circuit protection.

●Widely used in solar PV photovoltaic systems.

●Structure, small size and convenient use.

●Passed KEMA, CE, TUV certification.

Product Description

It is suitable for low voltage terminal distribution system with AC 50 Hz and rated voltage of 230V / 400V; main functions: short circuit protection, overload protection and control. Breaking capacity up to 10kA mechanical contact indicator window, practical breaking indication, safe and reliable.



Product Specification


Product Model

Rated Current(A)




Breaking Capacity

Tripping curve









Product Features


1.Breaking capacity up to 10kA

2.Mechanical contact indicating window, effective breaking indication, safe and reliable




When the melt is burnt out under short circuit, the sound is very loud, the melting part is big, and there is burning phenomenon in the melting tube. According to the cause of fusing, find out the fault point and remove it.

When changing the melt, the specification of melt should be suitable for the nature of load and line current.

When replacing the melt, the power must be cut off for replacement to prevent electric shock.

Our experts have rich experience in various fields, so we have to provide a wide range of professional solutions for customers in various industries to win competitive advantages for customers.



YUEQING YRO ELECTRIC CO.,LTD is a joint stock company which integrates scientific research, development, production and sales.

At present, YRO has a comprehensive business system from design and development to production, manufacturing, sales, service, etc. The business involves many fields such as industrial control components, instruments, motor protection, frequency converter, soft starter, etc. these products are widely used in industrial control, machine tools, mechanical equipment, power system and public utilities.





Q1: Where does the white wire go in a breaker box?

A1: If you're installing a standard breaker, the neutral (white) wire connects here, too. If you're installing an arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) breaker, you'll connect the neutral to the breaker and run a “pigtail” wire to the neutral bus.


Q2: What is circuit breaker with diagram?

A2: A circuit breaker is an automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by excess current, typically resulting from an overload or short circuit. Its basic function is to interrupt current flow after a fault is detected,


Q3: Where does the ground wire go in a breaker box?

A3: For service entrance, in the United States, the ground wire is bonded to the neutral bus bar and to the ground bus bar—if present—or the can. You will often times find a breaker panel combined with service entrance hardware. In any sub-panel, the ground wire is bonded to the ground bus bar or the can.


Q4: Is a tripped breaker dangerous?

A4: A tripped breaker is often just a one-time annoyance, but it can indicate potentially dangerous problems with your home's electrical system. Older homes in particular were not designed to handle today's increasing electrical demand.


Q5: Can a circuit breaker be reset automatically?

A5: The circuit breaker can simply be reset following an interruption. This is why fuses are increasingly being replaced by automatic circuit breakers.



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