Dual Power Switches

Dual Power Switches
Dual Power Switches
Dual Power Switches
Dual Power Switches
Dual Power Switches
Dual Power Switches

Dual Power Switches

●Micro household power transfer switch

●Compact in structure, reliable in transfer

●Designed for household orbit-type installation

●Specially use in din rail power distribution box

●Ensures the continuirty, safety of power supply.

Product Description

series dual power automatic transfer switch is new developed micro household power transfer switch..
The switch is mainly used for testing whether normal or spare power is normal or not. When the normal power is abnormal, the spare power works at once, which therefore ensures the continuirty, reliability, and safety of power supply. The product is specially designed for household orbit-type installation and specially use in PZ30 power distribution box.

YRTS-125 series automatic transfer switch is suitable for the emergency power supply system with 50 or 60 Hz alternatting current rated 400V 60A. TSE is compact in structure, reliable in transfer, convenient in instabllation and maintenance, and has long lif expectancy. Widely used In various occasions where continuous power failure ls not allowed, it can be operated both electrically and manually.

ATSE is composed of TSE and the controller. ATSE compiles with requirements of Low-voltage Switch Gear and Control Gear specified by GB/T14048. 11, Part 6-1 : Multiple functional equipment and transfer switch equipment.


Technical data:



Rated current Ie(A)

16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A, 63A,100A


Din rail

Rated insulation voltage Ui (V)

AC690, 50HZ

Rated working voltage Ue (V)

AC400, 50HZ

Rated impulse withstand voltage (KV )



2P 3P 4P

Weight (KG)

1.7 2.1 2.6

Connecting and breaking

6.0Ie 1.05Ue cosØ=0.50±0.05, 50 times

Operating performance

2.0Ie 1.05Ue cosØ=0.80±0.05, 6000 times

Rated limited short-circuit current Iq




Control circuit

Rated supply voltage Us: AC220V, 50HZ.Working condition:85% Us~110% Us

Ancillary circuit

Two isolated relays, each relay with 2 groups of passive switch contact. Contact capacity: AC220 50Hz, Ie=5A

Switching time


Action time




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