String Level Rapid Shutdown

Photovoltaic Rapid Shutdown YRSD-2A
Photovoltaic Rapid Shutdown YRSD-2A

Photovoltaic Rapid Shutdown YRSD-2A

● Firefighter Satety Switch for Solar System.

● Over temperature protection.

● Plug and play easy installation.

● IP66 aluminum durable enclosure.

● Emergency button for 100% disconnect.

Product Description

YRSD-A series firefighter safety switch is used to disconnect the direct current between solar panels and inverter, remove the DC high voltage in the PV string, and avoid the risk of electric fire.


● Rapid Shutdown YRSD-A series firefighter safety switch is designed to disconnect the DC current flow between solar panels and inverter. It is used as a safety measure to remove the high voltage DC power in the PV string and reduce the risk of electric fire. The switch is particularly useful for firefighters and emergency personnel who need to access a building or structure equipped with photovoltaic (PV) systems.


● Rapid Shutdown YRSD-A series firefighter safety switch is typically installed in a weatherproof enclosure, and it features a lockable handle that can be easily operated with gloves on. The switch is capable of interrupting up to 1000 volts DC and has a maximum current rating of 32 amperes. The switch is also equipped with arc suppression technology to prevent arcing during the switching process.


● Rapid Shutdown YRSD-A series firefighter safety switch is an essential safety device for PV system installations. It protects people and property from the hazards associated with DC power and allows for easy disconnection of the system in case of emergency.


Technical Data



Max DC voltage IEC/EN 60947-3


Max DC current IEC/EN 60947-3


Model No.


Number of Strings

10 strings

Operating Voltage


Nominal Voltage


Nominal Current


Start up Current

average 100mA

Switch on Action Current

Max 300mA

Standard Compliance

IEC / EN 60947-3

Protection Degree


Storage Temperature Allowed Between

-40℃ to +85℃

Operating Temperature Range

-20℃ to +50℃

Maximum Operating Temperature Before
Automatic Switch OFF


Protection Level

Class ll

Mechanical Endurance


Electrical Endurance



5 Years



Intended use of Rapid Shutdown:
The Rapid Shutdown has been especially developed as a safety device for direct current (DC) photovoltaic installations. The DC disconnect switch is used to disconnect the connected strings of the installation in case of an emergency situation. 


Location of the Rapid Shutdown:
The Rapid Shutdown needs to be placed as close to the solar panels as possible. Due to its enclosure, the switch is protected against external inflfluences like dust and moisture. The whole set-up is conformed to IP66 which makes it suitable for outdoor usage.
The application of rapid shutdown in daily life extends beyond PV system installations. While the primary purpose of rapid shutdown is to enhance safety in the context of DC power systems, there are other scenarios where similar principles can be applied.


Electric Vehicles (EVs): 
Rapid shutdown principles can be applied to EV charging stations. In the event of an emergency or when maintenance work needs to be performed on the charging station, a rapid shutdown mechanism can quickly cut off the power supply to the charging cables, ensuring the safety of users and preventing potential electrical hazards.


Industrial Machinery: 
In industrial settings, there are often large machines and equipment that run on high-voltage DC power. Implementing rapid shutdown mechanisms in these systems can help protect workers and prevent accidents by quickly shutting down the power supply in emergency situations.


Battery Storage Systems: 
Battery storage systems, such as those used in residential or commercial settings, can also benefit from rapid shutdown functionality. In the event of a fire or other emergencies, a rapid shutdown mechanism can disconnect the battery from the rest of the electrical system, reducing the risk of electrical shock or fire.


Home Appliances: 
While not directly related to rapid shutdown, the concept of safety switches can be applied to home appliances. For example, many appliances have built-in safety mechanisms that automatically shut off the power supply if they detect a fault or abnormal operation. This helps prevent accidents and protects users from potential electrical hazards.


In summary, while rapid shutdown is primarily associated with PV system installations, the principles of quickly shutting down power can be applied to various other scenarios in daily life to enhance safety and prevent electrical hazards.



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