Module Level Firefighter Safety Switch

Rapid Shutdown DC Fire Module RSD
Rapid Shutdown DC Fire Module RSD

Rapid Shutdown DC Fire Module RSD

● Firefighter Satety Switch for Solar System.

● Over temperature protection.

● Plug and play easy installation.

● IP66 aluminum durable enclosure.

● Emergency button for 100% disconnect.

Product Description

YRSD-1P/2P is a module level rapid shutdown device offers fire safety for solar rooftop and building ,remains the rapid shutdown function period the solar PV system whole working life.
Emergency button switch is required to initiate the rapid shutdown operating, as a trigger place on the ground and easier to reach.

The communication cable on the rapid shutdown device should be connected in series and wire to the button switch.

● Module Level Rapid Shutdown

● Manual Shutdown by Button Switch

● Automatic Shutdown on AC Power Loss

● Over Tempcerature Automatic Shutdown

● Compatible with Most String Inverters and Panels


Fast shutdown has important applications in many fields. Here are a few common uses:

● Safety and emergencies: In emergencies, such as fires, leaks, or other hazardous events, the power supply needs to be cut off quickly to ensure the safety of personnel. The rapid shutdown system can quickly cut off the power supply and prevent potential risks from further expansion.

● Maintenance and inspection: When performing equipment maintenance, inspection, or replacement, the equipment must be powered off first to ensure personnel safety and prevent electrical failures. The quick-shutdown feature allows the current to be disconnected quickly, allowing operators to safely perform maintenance work.

● Prevent equipment damage: Under certain circumstances, such as circuit overloads, short circuits, or abnormal conditions, equipment may be damaged by excessive current or voltage. By turning off power quickly, you can quickly stop the flow of electricity in a circuit, reducing the risk of damage to your equipment.

● Energy management: Rapid shutdown can also be used for energy management and energy-saving measures. When the device is idle or not in use, it can cut off the power supply through quick shutdown to prevent energy waste and unnecessary power consumption.

● Circuit Protection: Rapid shutdown can be used to protect other equipment or components from potential damage when a fault or abnormal condition occurs in a circuit. It cuts off the current quickly and prevents faults from spreading throughout the circuit.

In short, rapid shutdown has important application value and can ensure the safety of personnel, normal operation of equipment and energy-saving management. It plays a key role in emergency situations and provides power control and circuit protection functions required in many practical applications.



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